About Us

MicroScan was established its operations in Bukit Beruang, Melaka, West Malaysia since Year 2001. MicroScan provide wide range of IT services in software area as well as hardware and also provides networking service such as design network infrastructure, installation, and configuration.


Our mission is to be a one stop IT Solution for our customer. We strive to bring the best technologies coupled with highest quality of service to our clients.


The largest utility company in Malaysia, part of the market-leading Malaysia utility companies, has selected Microscan to operate its entire corporate network through a year by year to managed services agreement where Microscan will be the sole services provider for more corporate network.


The agreement allows customers to improve network efficiency and increase focus on its core business as Microscan takes full responsibility of the daily, weekly & monthly operation of all services associated with the full networks; such as campus, government places, corporation, private company, etc... a network operations in the network operations center, maintenance, installation services, consultancy, engineering and construction management.







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